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Agile Digital Solutions Accepted by Users Enabling Success

Wunder is a digital agency, and one of Europe’s largest Drupal agencies, with 100+ people working across 5 countries. We deliver agile web services designed to achieve our clients’ goals and fulfil their users’ needs.

We're building and improving

  • Business-critical systems enhancing operations, enabling growth, and installing transformation through digital.

  • Intranets that suit changing needs, including team collaboration and communication tools, document management solutions, and HR systems.

  • Flexible and responsive, public-facing websites are our speciality - especially large, complex ones with special requirements.

  • Trade solutions for various revenue models, including content and service subscriptions, and online transactions.

We're consulting and guiding

  • A proven method for analysing objectives and their impact, and developing solutions.

  • Quick, feasible solutions based on jointly developed strategic requirements.

  • Monitoring the goals of your website with measurable data, identifying and informing further developments.

  • Simple, quick to construct prototyping for testing to ensure good UX and functionality.

  • Researching user requirements and usability testing to ensure your project is accepted by its users

We're application managing

  • Hosting, maintenance, support, continuos development, and strategic consulting to keep your web applications current, performing, and secure.

        • Iteratively developing our customers web applications to continually deliver value based on prioritised, and forever changing, business requirements and user needs.

  • From Drupal training to introductory agile project courses, we’re providing our customers with the knowledge they need to ensure that their projects succeed.

We're swiftly developing

  • We specialise in delivering agile web projects with a dedicated team of agile certified project managers and a proven agile delivery framework.

  • Our skilled, pan-European team collaborates over projects, combining expertise such as frontend, backend, UX design, migrations, and integrations to name a few.